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Standard tvåbedsrum

At STF Sälens Vandrarhem, hosted accommodation is offered for one or more nights at a lower price compared to hotels, and offers the opportunity to cook own food.
The room price itself is often less than half compared to other  hotels in the area.

The big savings are that you can cook your food in the guest kitchen instead of expensive restaurant visits.


Some of the reasons we can offer lower prices gemford with hotels are ...
You bring your own bed linen and towels.
You make your own bed.
Guests use their own hygiene items.
Guests clean their rooms themselves.
Reception has limited opening hours.


If you want, you can hire bed linen and towels at a good price, and you can also order final cleaning as well. If you want to "luxury" for that, breakfast can be ordered.
Bedroom If you rent a room then you have the exclusive for yourself or the family.
We offer two room types, economy and family rooms.
Economy room 12kvm 2 - 4 beds.
Family room 18kvm, 2 - 4 beds WC in the room.
We also offer dormitory accommodation, ideal for single travellers with a small budget.
For all beds, there is a duva and pillow provided.
Toilet Family rooms have private WC.
Showers available in the corridor.
Sauna is available in the corridor.
A TV lounge with Swedish channels only, in winter a glowing fireplace.
Kitchen two kitchen halves, where almost everything is available, oven, fridge, microwave, cutlery, porcelain, etc.

By staying at hostels you can afford to explore Sweden without getting out of pocket. More and more people choose to stay at hostels during their vacation.
Hostels in Sweden are well maintained, primitive dorms are just a memory. Certainly, there are dorms today, but with much higher standards. Most hostels offer accommodation in single, double and family rooms. Many hostels are open all year round, giving you a chance to experience this long and beautiful country with all its seasons whenever you wish.
When you stay at hostels, you can choose service and thus also price levels. The comfortable one can advantageously choose breakfast, sheets and cleaning and pay a little higher price, while those who want to leave the holiday carriers on the other can take care of themselves. Another important advantage is that you do not need to book weekly but can take a few nights here and a few nights there.
The hostel offers a simpler but often cheaper accommodation. In a hostel, you can rent rooms on an adventure trip, skiing, mountain hiking or just for relaxation. Many hostels offer various interesting courses and guided tours

Grill on the balcony
  • Free resident car parking

  • Free Wifi access

  • Guest Kitchin

  • Dinning Room

  • TV room

  • Wash Room

  • Iron & ironing board

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