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 Sälen offers plenty

National Park and nature reserves surround the hostel, Short or long hiking routes over the mountains or along the river embankment.

Fishing in Görälven.

Cykling, cross country, off road or down-hill.



Fulufjället is with its 380 square kilometers the largest national park in Sweden outside Norrbotten. Njupeskär waterfall is 93 meters high. In the winter it freezes and shapes an icy blue armor. The world's oldest tree, On the Fulufjället there is a clone of a spruce that planted in the same place in 9550 years

More information Fulufjället



There are very good fishing in Görälven only 200m from the hostel, fishing for harrie, trout and sik. Fly fishing is an exciting way to fish in these waters, but other ways are also effective. In the area there are also many nice streams to fish in. If you want to fish in lakes or in ponds, there are many in the area. In these waters, catch can be trout, char or rainbow salmon. There are also fine lakes with good pike fish.
More information about fishing in the Görälven and Transtrand fishing area


Sälenfjäll is the entrance to Kungsleden where you can continue over Fulufjäll to Grövelsjön and Storlien.


Short walks from the hostel from 20 minutes

Too the river

Gräsheden too Skarsåsen and back along the river. 

If you do not want to go so far there a great cariety of shorter walks.

A number of hikes can be followed here, click here for information
We offer to drive you free to the starting point with our offer "DRIVE AND HIKE"
More information about various walks in and around Sälenfjäll can be found at



With little or no traffic in the area you can enjoy cykling around the area on either road or off road, even down hill at Lindvallen.

Down Hill Bike Park
Sälen Bike Park Lindvallen
Replace the skies for handle bars and peddles, 

Cross country on gravel roads or the specially built Rörbocksnäs cycle park.
 Rörbäcksnäs has been a cross-country destination  since 2007  with sign posted routes that most people will enjoy. A great non-profit organised by enthusiasts for enthusiasts

More info click here

Paddla Görälven

Looking for adventure and excitement, this is something for you.

 Beautiful canoeing along the river trails in varying difficulty and lengths.

Gliding silently and effortlessly down the river and experience the wildlife and nature of the river. Chances are you'll see both elk, beaver, fox and with some extra luck bear or lynx.
Half day, whole day or longer. 
More info about Canoe rental. 

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